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Bridge Over Water


Attention to Detail

The banking and finance sector has come under the spotlight of consumers and regulators in recent years and has attracted a great deal of negative publicity that has led to an increase in disputes between parties. There is a wide range of issues that in PONS Mediation we have experience in, including 

  • Disputes between borrowers and lenders

  • Debt management and recovery

  • Insurance claims

  • Loans and mortgages, Mortgage default and foreclosure

  • Derivative / commodity investment disputes

  • Consumer credit disputes

  • Disputes between hedge funds and international trading companies

  • Disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions

  • International financing, with assets or companies located in several jurisdictions

  • Asset management and private banking  – activities that manage investments on behalf of individuals

  • Interbank disputes, when an institution enters into a contract with another financial institution and many more, is a just a small range of problems that could be resolved through the mediation process and benefit both parties.